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February 20, 2017
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There are rampant ways to make anyone agree on anything. Books are being published about strategies, psychologists share their observations to public, popularity becomes the measurement of what is agreeable and sometimes or most of the time we are being deceived. Let’s put a period on that and discuss more of THE CUT-THROAT TRUTH: OUTSOURCING.


Cost-effective – MONEY
This is the black and white of outsourcing. Business professionals see this as the common ground between them and the outsourced employees. A mutual relationship which is beneficial to both ends.
Outsource does not only home runs the financial advantage, this also kicks off the global quality of service.


Technology and services are 2 of the main keys of outsourcing. The collaboration incredibly fast phases the growth of the business. Offshore employees are equipped with knowledge, making them in need of lesser train time and doing the same task with low cost. When properly executed it has a defining impact on achieving a good pay to employees and the company’s revenue.


Focusing on Business with Executive Support- GOAL
Companies choose to outsource to free up the time to focus on core business processes. Without having to run an accounting department or an IT operation. Companies are able to direct their scope to work on what really matters inside their business, increasing workflow and allowing managers to finish projects faster.


In the end, the reason to outsource varies depending upon the vision and purposes of the company. The fruits of labor are visible among the leading enterprises worldwide, where outsourcing become a core component of day to day business strategies.


Michelle Basalo
Michelle Basalo
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