Life Hacks To Make You More Productive At Work

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March 24, 2017
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Life Hacks To Make You More Productive At Work


Working smart and be more efficient in getting work done are important skills that everyone should know for your success at work. If you’re not performing as efficiently or effectively, this can affect your employment prospects.
The work environment (either you work at an office or at home) is filled with “distractions” that can gear you away from focusing on important tasks.
That’s why you need to take a proactive approach. Search on how to be more productive, and you’ll likely come across different types of information. Being productive is definitely not common practice and a lot of people struggle to improve it.


To improve productivity and be proactive, the following strategies can help you do just that and get more out of your day at work.
  • Get an early night so you have had plenty of sleep
  • Start your morning with a journal entry, writing down what is on your mind clears you for the day.  Exercise even for only 15 minutes – get the endorphins going.
  • Use Commute time wisely, don’t use facebook (unless of course you are the social media manager and it’s your job). Plan your day. Most challenging task firsts.  If you drive to work, listen to an audio book that is educational.
  • Switch off your emails and group incoming messages for certain periods of the day, to help remove distractions to get your tasks done.
  • Tell your work colleagues (Even better use a sign) that for certain hours in the day you can’t be disturbed
  • Take frequent mini-breaks and have lunch break away from your desk, it’s important to people to clear their mind and stretch their legs and refresh.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food –  remember it is fuel for your body
  • Use technology to get you organized like an electronic filing system, personal scheduling program, and software programs that can help you organize. Imagine the time you could save by spending too much time being unorganized.
  • Drop time wasters. Too much time is wasted in working by procrastinating, loitering, acting “busy”, visiting social media platform or distracting websites, attending unnecessary meetings, going back and forth in doing reports, chatting with co-workers. Try to concentrate on tasks and activities to eliminate wasting time.  
  • Delegate tasks. It’s hard to do it all. Other people are quite capable if handling some tasks you try to do yourself. Try sharing the duties with others. This will allow you to focus on high priority tasks while giving your coworkers a chance to grow.
  • Learn to say no. Such a small word, but hard to say. Learn to decline politely when someone asks you to do a task that is not time worthy and less of a priority.
  • Know when to ask for help. If you have too many tasks at work, and it is causing undue stress, explain your situation to your boss or supervisor.untenable work situations can usually be improved, but it will take some assertiveness on your part.
  • Stop being a perfectionist. Perfectionism often leads to micro-managing, low-productivity, bad relationships with co-workers, procrastination, stress, and anxiety. It is unnecessary and most successful people are those who are satisfied with a job well done and save the need for perfection with other important things.
  • Avoid multitasking. Countless studies like in Stanford News have proven that people’s productivity diminishes when they multitask. In, fact multitasking reduces creativity, causes high ration of mistakes and makes it harder to remember important details.
  • Impose deadlines on yourself, and stick to them. Budgeting your time to help meet deadlines or thrive under deadlines to help shorten their workday by 15 minutes to ensure optimum efficiency.


Allowing your life to overwhelm you week after week, month after month, can lead to serious physical, mental, and social problems. Be positive, and your change right now would have the biggest positive influence on your productivity.


Fiona Kesby
Fiona Kesby
Written by CEO Fiona Kesby. Founded in 2014 GO-VA has experienced year on year growth and is proud of achieving one of the lowest turnovers in the industry. Fiona who lives locally in Cebu with her family believes the most important value a company should focus on is the value of care. Team members at all times should feel safe and have the ability to asks questions or share concern without the fear of job loss. Team members at GO-VA are encouraged to further develop their leadership skills. To apply for a position at GO-VA email [email protected] or apply online at