July 2017 Retention: GO-VA Got Talent
July 14, 2017
August 2017 Retention: GOVAchella
August 11, 2017


There were bright lights and flower crowns, great music and happiness…  a great night by the poolside — it was GOVAchella 2017.

GOVAchella, a cool conflation of Coachella and the company’s name, was an astounding success. Everyone had dressed up a la mode, Coachella-style, with smiles on their faces. Highlighting the event was the GOVAchella modeling competition wherein each team had their representatives walked down the runway and showed off how it feels to be looking great.

Named the King and Queen were Ralph Chester Macabinta and Robejean Carrubias who both joined in the modeling competition, too. Team Rowena’s models, on the other hand, was adjudged the best of the best.

Several employees also sang on stage adding more flavors to the night. Superman, a musical band group who competed in the Go-VA Got Talent Season 1, also highlighted the event with reggae and love songs.

What best completes a great celebration than good food? Everyone was treated to sumptuous buffet dinner. More music, laughter, and great conversations then filled the festive air.

Truly, it was a socko night marked by class, happiness, and the feeling of being in a family. As most employees said, “That was definitely fun.”

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Nino Villalino
Nino Villalino
Results Coach